Dear Travel Lovers worldwide, Welcome to my personal website.
I am Sven Luca, one of the most traveled people in the world and a member of the Travelers Hall of Fame in Auckland. Since the 08. March 2019 I belong to the select circle of only 28 people on this planet who have visited every single country on Earth. This does not just include the 193 UN states that I own at 03. February 2019 with Samoa as 196. Person in history completed, but also every politically dependent area with its own flag and parliament.
I am also very proud to be the youngest German and the first and so far only born in East Germany to have succeeded.
Here on my website you will find all the facts about each country or territory on the globe, almost 11.000 photos and many personal stories, impressions and hints.
Enjoy your time here and always have a safe journey !!!

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