Ajman is the smallest emirate of the United Arab Emirates with around 350,000 inhabitants. The emirate is located around 20 kilometers from the metropolis of Dubai and is completely surrounded by the emirate of Sharjah. The two small enclaves of Manama and Masfut also belong to Ajman's land area.

Ajman is the poorest of all seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates because it has no oil or natural gas reserves of its own.

Ajman's economy relies largely on construction, manufacturing, fishing, shipbuilding and the ever-increasing tourism. In the two exclaves, agriculture and marble mining are also practiced.

The capital of the small emirate of the same name is Ajman with about 320,000 inhabitants, located directly on the Persian Gulf.

The few sights in Ajman include the Ajman Fort, the fish market, Ajman Beach, Ajman Museum and the coastal road.

I have visited the Emirate of Ajman countless times and therefore know it very well. The highlight of the city is definitely the long coastal road with its modern beach promenade.