The Australian part of Antarctica is located between 45 and 136 degrees East and between 142 and 160 degrees East. Despite the small French territory, the Australian part is the largest in the entire Antarctica.

However, the Australian state, like six other nations, only lays claim to a specific area. According to the Antarctic Treaty of 1961, however, any claims have never been recognized.

In total, there are currently 11 active stations in this Antarctic area and it is divided into nine districts.

The individual districts are Oates Land, King George V Land, Wilkes Land, Queen Marie Land, Kaiser Wilhelm II Land, Princess Elisabeth Land, Mac Robertson Land, Kemp Land as well Enderby Land.

With the Mawson Station in Mac Robertson Land, Australia also operates a year-round station on the seventh continent.

I haven't been to Australian Antarctica yet.

A visit there is not currently planned, but would be completed with a trip to the South Pole at the latest.

Flights to the South Pole are offered twice a year in December for around $50,000. Maybe it will remain an eternal dream of mine.

Hence no photos!