Ascension is a tropical island in the South Atlantic with around 850 inhabitants. The island is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

Geographically, Ascension lies between Africa and South America, measuring around 14 by 12 kilometers.

The island is of volcanic origin, with the 859 meter high mountain “The Peak” as its highest point. The country's surface consists largely of barren land, formed from cooled lava, and almost 50 different volcanic craters.

The Atlantic island has a consistently subtropical climate with relatively little rainfall.

Ascension Island has an airport with monthly flights from Johannesburg via Saint Helena. Otherwise, the airport is operated jointly by the United States of America as a military base and the British Air Force.

The capital of Ascension is Georgetown with about 500 residents. Georgetown's few attractions include St. Mary Church, Post Office, Historic Barracks, Government House, Fort Hayes, Green Mountain National Park, Ascension Museum, English Bay, Long Beach, Hannays Beach and Comfortless Cove .

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