Visa and entry requirements for Greenland:
Passport required
No visa is required

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Greenland:

One of the most unusual travel destinations on the globe is Greenland. The largest island in the world is politically part of Denmark and geographically part of North America.

Greenland, with only around 58,000 inhabitants, has the lowest population density in the world. Greenland has a continuously polar arctic climate and is constantly cold except in the two summer months of July and August.

The country mostly has large ice reserves, with only around 20% of the country's surface area being ice-free. The cities and settlements are therefore located exclusively on the ice-free strips in the coastal region.

The territory of Greenland has a diverse animal world, with the polar bear as the most famous representative. In addition to numerous species of fish, such as halibut, cod, salmon and wolffish, there are other mammals in addition to the polar bear, including reindeer, musk oxen and seals. There are also numerous species of whales in the waters around Greenland.

Almost 90% of the country's population is primarily descended from the indigenous people, a subgroup of the Inuit. The Greenlanders live mainly from the fishing industry, tourism, mining - with the mining of iron and uranium, oil extraction and hunting.

The tourist highlights of Greenland include the countless wondrous icebergs, various glaciers, the “Ilulissat Icefjord” and the hunt for “Aurora Borealis” – the rare, mostly green northern lights in the winter months.

The capital of Greenland and also the country's largest settlement is Nuuk with around 18,000 inhabitants. The town of Nuuk was built in 1721 by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede. Today you can admire a large statue with his likeness on a rock on the coast of the capital.

The population is constantly growing because more and more people are moving to Nuuk from the remote small settlements.

The main attractions of Nuuk include the University of Greenland, the Christmas Post Office, Greenland's National Museum, the Hans Egede House, the Cultural Center and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.

In September 2013 I flew from Copenhagen with “Air Greenland” first to Kangerlussuaq and then on to Nuuk. During these four days of stay, I fulfilled a long-held dream of visiting Greenland.

I had already booked the trip there 10 months in advance because otherwise the few flights available are either very expensive or already fully booked. Because I was so excited, I hadn't realized that my birthday falls during this exact period.

I stayed there privately for three nights with Isabella, an acquaintance through the internet portal “Couchsurfing”. My lovely host Isabella, originally Danish, organized a dinner for my birthday evening at the elegant Hans Egede Hotel, with seal ragout as a starter and whale steak as a main course. This dinner will probably remain in my memory forever because of its specialness and the lavish price.

With relatively nice weather and around 10 degrees Celsius, I used the first two days to get to know the city of Nuuk with all the important attractions. I spent a few hours especially in the fish market or other small markets because they were probably the most exciting places in the capital.

I only found a connection to the Internet in a single cafe down by the museum, for an incredible 20 euros per hour. Nevertheless, I often used this place as a place to stay connected to the outside social world. By the way, the internet at Isabella's home also cost around 250 euros a month, but luckily it was paid for by her company.

This time I decided not to go on any kind of excursions in Greenland because the excursions on offer were very similar to the tours I had already taken on other trips and were also extremely expensive.

On the first evening I visited the only pub in Nuuk with my hostess. Despite beer prices of the equivalent of 12 euros, everyone in the busy shop was drunk apart from us. I was constantly being asked to dance by drunk women, which is probably a common practice in Greenland.

By the way, a pack of cigarettes there cost 15 euros and it was there, of all places, that I started smoking again after a long break.

On the last day, the first snowfall of the summer began overnight. Consequently, on September 14th, the short and beloved summer time for the locals was over again.

Greenland is guaranteed to be a fantastic destination for any travel lover. Anyone who has never visited one of the northern countries before can have an interesting and exciting time there. I can only expressly recommend Greenland with its extremely friendly people.