Visa and entry requirements Guam:
Passport required
The Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA) is required

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Guam:

Guam is an island in the western Pacific with a population of around 180,000. The island is an external territory of the United States of America and the southernmost and largest island of the Mariana Islands archipelago, making it geographically part of Micronesia.

The island of Guam is of considerable strategic importance for the USA, which has therefore set up a large air force base there with the “Anderson Air Force Base”. Almost 40% of the entire island area is occupied by the Air Force and US Navy.

The official languages on Guam are English, Carolinian and Chamorro and the US dollar is used as currency.

The island of Guam, measuring approximately 50 by 20 kilometers, has its highest point, the 406 meter high Mount Lamlam.

Guam's largest cities include Dededo, Hagatna (formerly Agana), Tamuning, Yigo, Agat and Merizo.

Guam has a consistently tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round. The native birdlife has almost completely died out due to the massive reproduction of the “brown tree snake”.

With around 1.5 million annual visitors, tourism plays an important role in Guam's economy, primarily for Japanese and South Koreans. Because of the numerous untouched coral reefs, the island is particularly popular with diving tourists.

The Pacific island is a hub for the American airline United Airlines, which flies from Guam to several Asian and American destinations.

The capital of Guam is Hagatna with around 3,000 residents, while Dededo is Guam's largest city with around 55,000 residents.

Guam's top attractions include the Pacific War Museum, Gun Beach, Fish Eye Marine Park, Tumon Beach, Two Lovers Point Lookout, Ritidian Beach, Magic Rocks Theater, Ypao Beach Park, Encore Theater, Coco Palm Garden Beach, Chamorro Village Market in Hagatna, Aquarium in Tumon, Umatac Fort, Fai Fai Beach, Cetti Bay Viewpoint, National Park, Latte of Freedom Cultural Center , the Pagat Cave, the Gab Gab Beach, the Maria Cathedral and the water park.

In January 2019 I traveled to Guam as the third stop on my big Pacific tour. I chose the city of Tamuning as the place to stay, not far from the airport and the capital. Because the two museums and the government building of the governor of Guam are located in the capital Hagatna, I decided to go there. Unfortunately, there was no time left to visit the largest and busiest city, Dededo.

In total, I walked almost 18 kilometers on the first day to complete all of my goals.

The island of Guam is typically American, with an impressive landscape, but the car traffic is sometimes a bit too much. The people there are very friendly and mostly come from neighboring islands such as Micronesia or the Philippines.

Otherwise, Guam is definitely worth a trip and I will definitely come back one day, only then will I plan more time to explore the entire island.

I then went on to the Marshall Islands with United Airlines.