Margarita Island, or Isla de Margarita, is an island in the Caribbean with around 450,000 inhabitants. The approximately 70 by 33 kilometer island is part of the territory of Venezuela.

The largest cities on Margarita Island include Porlamar, Pampatar, Le Asuncion, Boca de Rio, Punta se Piedras, Paraguachi, Guarame, San Juan Bautista and Juan Griego.

The island of Margarita was originally a very popular and frequently visited holiday island, especially for Europeans, but tourism there has completely collapsed in recent years due to the severe financial crisis in Venezuela.

Almost all airlines have now stopped their daily scheduled flights.

The main attractions of Margarita include the beaches of Playa el Agua and Playa Parguito, the Laguna de la Restinga, the desert Macanao Peninsula, the famous windsurfing area of El Yaque, the seafront of Pampatar, the beach of Juan Griego, the narrow streets of Porlamar, the La Guardia Beach, the Basilica de la Virgen del Valle, Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo, the Marine Museum, the Zaragoza Beach, the Punta Arena Beach, the Waterland Zoo in Porlamar, the Caribbean Beach, the Paradise Beach, the Lighthouse of Punta Ballena, the Castle of Santa Rosa, Puerto Cruz Beach and the Nuestra Senora Cathedral.

The capital of Margarita Island is Porlamar with around 120,000 inhabitants. Porlamar is the largest city on the island and the economic and cultural center of Margarita.

In the summer of 2017, I booked and paid for a flight from Panama City to Margarita Island. However, I wasn't taken with me when I was checked in at the counter because I hadn't confirmed my booking within 24 hours. I had never heard of this before and it probably only exists with a Venezuelan airline like Avior.

I haven't been to Margarita Island yet.

A visit there is not planned at the moment.

Hence no photos!