Visa and entry requirements Isle of Man:
Passport not required
No visa is required

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip:

The Isle of Man, German Isle of Man, is an island in the Irish Sea located approximately in the middle of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. As an autonomous crown possession, it is directly subordinate to the British Crown, but is neither part of the United Kingdom nor a British overseas territory. It is not a member of the European Union. The island is known as a tax haven and headquarters of offshore companies and for the famous Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.

The island covers an area of 572 km2 and has around 85,000 inhabitants. The Isle of Man pound and the pound sterling are used as means of payment. The Isle of Man has its own parliament and its own flag.

The capital of the island is Douglas with around 28,000 inhabitants. The island's parliament is also located here. The city is located on the east coast of the island and has a long coastal promenade. That's why the city's most important source of income is tourism. The route of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, one of the last horse-drawn trams still in operation in the world, runs along the harbor promenade.

At the north end of the promenade it has a connection to the electric railway. I took this train to Ramsey in the north of the island during my visit to the island in June 2016. The two old, typically English-looking wagons are open and you can enjoy nature to the right and left. It's a lot of fun because you can talk to the crazy motorcycle freaks during the 2-hour ride. Other important attractions on the island include the Laxey Wheel, Castle Rushen in Castletown, Peel Castle, Milners Tower in Port Erin, Milntown House and Gardens in Ramsey, Old Key House in Castletown, Summerhill Glen in Douglas, Rushen Abbey , the Camera Obscura viewpoint in Douglas, the Point of Ayre Lighthouse, Castletown Railway Station, the Parish Church in Peel, St Michael's Church in Kirk Michael and St Trinian Chapel.

Along the harbor promenade of the capital Douglas there are countless restaurants, many bars, a fairground - only in summer during the motorcycle races and much more for daily entertainment.

In any case, I have very positive memories of my time on the Isle of Man and would recommend a visit to the island at any time.