Visa and entry requirements Cape Verde:
Passport required
German citizens need a visa to enter Cape Verde. This visa must be applied for at the Embassy of Cape Verde in Berlin.
Visa costs: 45/87 euros

Information from the Foreign Office about your Cape Verde trip:

Cape Verde, also called Cabo Verde, Cape Verde or Cape Verde Islands, is an African island state approximately 570 km off the west coast of Africa with around 560,000 inhabitants. The archipelago consists of a total of 15 islands, nine of which are inhabited. The country's official language is Portuguese and the official currency is the Cape Verde escudo, with 1 euro equaling around 110 CVE.

The inhabited islands of Cape Verde include Santo Antao, Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente, Sao Nicolau, Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava. The country's largest cities include Praia, Mindelo, Assomada, Pedra Badejo, Santa Maria, Sao Filipe, Tarrafal, Porto Novo and Espargos.

Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony that became independent in 1975 and is one of the most stable and prosperous countries on the African continent. The archipelago is of volcanic origin with the highest elevation, the Pico do Fogo at 2,829 meters. There is a mild oceanic climate everywhere.

Cape Verde's most important export goods include bananas, lobsters, fish, textiles and leather goods. Tourism is becoming increasingly important for the state; the island of Sal and the main island of Santiago are the most visited.

The capital of Cape Verde is Praia with around 150,000 inhabitants. Praia is the largest city in the country, located on the island of Santiago and also the economic center of the Cape Verde Islands. The main attractions of the capital include the historic old town, the Quartel Jaime Mota barracks, the National Library of Cape Verde, the Estadio da Varzea national stadium, the Local History Museum, the Palace of Justice, Prainha Beach, the Presidential Palace, the Archaeological Museum of Praia, the Praia City Hall, the monument of Diogo Gomes, the church of Nossa Senhora da Graca, the Street of July 5th, Quebra Canela Beach, the Alexandre Albuquerque Park, the Farol de Maria Pia lighthouse - landmarks of the city with great panoramic views of Praia as well as the Mercado de Sucupira – the city’s largest market.

In July 2016 I traveled to Cape Verde for four days during my West Africa tour. With Royal Air Maroc I started my direct flight from Casablanca to Praia on the island of Santiago, the largest inhabited island in the country. The landscape on Santiago is beautiful and I got to know it through a full-day island tour. Up in the mountains it is actually quite cool, near the highest point on the island, the Pico da Antonia at 1,394 meters, and mostly very foggy. The most beautiful beaches on the island are in the north in Tarrafal, Praia Baixo and Praia Sao Francisco.

The capital, Praia, is also very cozy and perfect for walking tours and city visits. The people on the island are very friendly everywhere and there is not the typical African hustle and bustle.

For me, the Cape Verde Islands are one of the top 3 travel destinations in Africa and are always worth a visit. A fantastic landscape and pure relaxation are guaranteed there.

After a fabulous stay in Praia, I continued on to Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.