Lord Howe Island is located in the Tasman Sea around 600 kilometers east of mainland Australia, with around 400 permanent residents. It is politically part of the Australian state of New South Wales and is approximately eleven by two kilometers in size. The Australian dollar is used as currency on the island.

Lord Howe Island is of volcanic origin with the highest elevation being Mount Glover at 875 metres. The island has a subtropical climate with mild temperatures all year round.

Due to the long distance from the nearest mainland, Lord-Howe is home to a variety of rare plant species, especially several endemic ferns.

The most important economic factor on Lord Howe Island is tourism and the associated services. Only 400 tourists are allowed there every day in order not to further burden the island as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, hardly any vehicles are permitted on the entire island; the most important means of transport is the bicycle.

There are daily flights to the small airport from Sydney with the airline Virgin Australia.

Attractions on Lord Howe Island include the Lord Howe Museum, Ned's Beach, long hiking trails, golf course, Lagoon Beach, the peaks of Mount Glover and Mount Lidgbird and unique diving areas.

In January 2017, I visited Lord Howe Island for two days. My first impression was that I had finally arrived in paradise. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the diverse green landscape with the two large volcanoes in the background and the incredible cleanliness.

After arriving at my booked accommodation, the first thing I did was rent a bike to fully explore the island. All the oncoming cyclists and all the residents were super friendly and helpful and gave me information or tips. The fantastic beaches are almost deserted and somehow feel like they're in the movies. While on one beach there are countless turtles swimming around near the shore, on the other there are thousands of colorful fish, like in a large aquarium.

Everything on the Lord Howe Islands is so incredibly relaxing and calm, it's sometimes difficult to describe this impression. The fact is that for me this island is truly paradise and, after my years of travel, the most beautiful place in the world.

This island is an absolute insider tip of mine, but with a flight of around 800 euros and the accommodation costs of around 200 euros per night, it's not exactly cheap.

But everyone who has the opportunity should visit this unique corner of the world, the price is absolutely worth it.