Visa and entry requirements Malaysia:
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Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Malaysia:

Malaysia is an island nation in Southeast Asia with around 33 million inhabitants. The country consists of the Malay Peninsula in the west and parts of the island of Borneo in the east. Malaysia has borders with Thailand in the north, Singapore in the south and with Brunei and Indonesia in Borneo. There are also maritime borders with Vietnam and the Philippines. The southernmost point of mainland Asia is located in Malaysia, or rather in the city of Tanjung Piai.

The country's two official languages are Malaysian and English, while the national currency is the ringgit, where 1 euro is equivalent to around 4.75 MYR. The country's largest cities include Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, George Town, Penang, Malacca and Kota Bahru.

The entire country has a tropical equatorial climate, warm to hot all year round with sometimes heavy monsoon rains. From the rich flora, the hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia.

Around 64% of the population profess Islam, the country's state religion, meaning practically all Malaysians are Muslims. There are also around 18% Chinese Buddhists, 7% Hindu Indians, 8% Christians and various minorities living in the country.

Malaysia is rich in natural resources, such as petroleum, palm oil, tin and rubber, and is therefore considered one of the most stable countries in Asia. Another important industry in the country is the automotive industry with the two car brands Proton and Perodua. Additionally, tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the Malaysian economy. The most popular tourist destinations include the islands of Langkawi, Borneo, Penang, Pulau Redang, Pulau Kapas, Pangkor or Pulau Sipadan. These picturesque islands offer fascinating, long sandy beaches and a unique, species-rich underwater world.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, with almost two million inhabitants in the urban area and around 9 million in the entire metropolitan area. Kuala Lumpur is the country's largest city and at the same time the economic and cultural center.

Almost half of Kuala Lumpur's population now consists of Chinese immigrants.

The city's most important sights include the Petronas Towers - the landmark of Kuala Lumpur and the highest twin towers in the world, the Menara TV Tower - the seventh tallest tower in the world at 421 meters, Independence Square, the residence of the Malaysian king, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building , National Mosque, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. John's Cathedral, National Monument, Old Railway Station, Chinatown, Merdeka Stadium, Lake Gardens Park, Thean Hou Temple, National Museum, Bird Park, Hibiscus Park, Jamek Mosque, Orchid Park, KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and Suria KLCC Mall.

So far I have traveled to Malaysia twice, in November 2011, as one of the first destinations on my long trip around the world, and in May 2018.

On my first short visit I was mainly in the capital, while the second time, in addition to Kuala Lumpur, Sepang and the island of Borneo were also on the agenda.

My first stop in Kuala Lumpur was of course the Petronas Towers. Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions in Malaysia, a heavy, continuous rain started shortly after I arrived at the towers. After I stood in front of it after sunset the next day and was able to admire the brightly lit building, it took until the third visit when the majestic twin towers were finally visible in the sunshine. However, I also had several impressive photos of completely different scenarios.

Unfortunately, the enormous car traffic in the capital is increasing more and more, so that normal movement is hardly possible anymore. Therefore, various city tours are now quite difficult to plan in terms of time.

The international airport is very far outside the city and it takes almost an hour to get to the center by car. However, a well-developed rail system offers even faster transport to the capital and is therefore the better alternative.

As a restaurant visit, I would recommend the Havana Bar in the center of the city. With a very cozy atmosphere, delicious food and a huge selection of drinks, this bar is one of the capital's insider tips.