The Midway Islands, or Midway Atoll, are a territory in the north of the Pacific with around 50 exclusively scientific residents. The islands therefore have no permanent population.

The atoll belongs to the external territory of the United States of America and lies exactly in the middle between Japan and California, hence the derived name.

The Midway Islands consist of two islands and a ring-shaped coral reef, the land area is less than seven square kilometers

The two islands are the larger Sand Island and the Eastern Island, which is about a quarter smaller. These two only areas of land in the Midway Islands are of volcanic origin and breeding grounds for millions of seabirds, mostly albatrosses. The ring-shaped coral reef with a diameter of around ten kilometers nestles around the two islands.

There is also an airport at the former Midway Islands military base as an international emergency landing site for larger airliners, so a small amount of tourism is permitted.

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