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Information from the Foreign Office about your Niue trip:

Niue is an island in the Pacific Ocean with around 2,000 inhabitants, and around 25,000 other locals live in New Zealand. The remote island is politically part of New Zealand and is located west of the Cook Islands, south of Samoa, northeast of Tonga and around 2,500 kilometers northeast of New Zealand.

The two official languages of Niue are English and Niuean, the New Zealand dollar is used as payment, with 1 euro being equivalent to around 1.70 NZD.

The largest towns on Niue include Alofi, Hakupu, Tamakautoga, Avatele, Valea, Mutelau, Liku and Tuapa.

Niue's land area is the prominent peak of a long-extinct volcano, with the highest elevation at 68 meters.

Most of Niue consists of tropical rainforest and the country has a consistently warm climate.

Niue is known for its unique butterflies and the humpback whales that frequent its coast.

Niue's economy is based primarily on aid from New Zealand, the sale of stamps and some handicrafts.

In agriculture, bananas, limes, coconut palms, taro, yams, papaya, cassava and passion fruits are grown exclusively for personal use.

The capital of Niue is Alofi with around 750 inhabitants, on the west coast of the island. By far the largest city in the country, it has a port, an international airport with seasonal flights from Auckland once or twice a week, and all government buildings.

During a severe cyclone in 2004, the city was almost completely destroyed, including the museum, the hospital, the cultural center and the courthouse.

Niue attractions include Talava Arch, Avaiki Cave, Hio Beach, New Niue Museum, Pink Rocks of Matapa Chasm, Limu Pools, Togo Chasm Hiking Trail, Utuko Beach, the Sculpture Park, Palaha Cave, Ekalesia Church, Cemetery, Shopping Mall, Tautu Reef and Tomb Point Viewpoint.

In February 2019 I traveled to the beautiful island of Niue for five days. As soon as I arrived on my three-hour flight from Auckland, I could feel the incredible idyll and the unique peace everywhere. During this time I lived right in the capital Alofi, in a very comfortable hostel. In contrast to the rest of the accommodation on the island, this house, run by an older lady, was very centrally located and relatively inexpensive.

To fully explore the Pacific island, I rented a cheap rental car for two days, the cost of which I later shared. With a nice Chinese roommate and her five-year-old son, who also happened to be renting a vehicle at the same time, we set off to completely circumnavigate the island.

On the first day we visited the northern part of Niue, with the hike to the Talava Arch, the visit to the impressive Avaiki Cave and a longer swimming break in the Lima Pools as the absolute highlights. The second day was reserved for the southern half, with the walk to the breathtaking Togo Chasm, the viewpoint at Tautu Reef and the colorful Palaha Cave.

The island of Niue actually seemed larger than it actually looked on the map. Because the main road that ran around the island was mostly in very poor condition, it was impossible to circumnavigate it in one day. But in the end we had enough time and enjoyed every moment in the middle of this fascinating landscape.

Every morning I drank my coffee on the terrace of the popular “Crazy Uga Cafe”, not far from my accommodation. From there I had a great view of Niue harbor and was able to see countless of the unique butterflies. It was a fantastic place to start the morning in paradise.

The people on Niue were always extremely friendly and helpful. There was an incredibly relaxed and relaxed atmosphere across the entire island, coupled with an impressive paradisiacal landscape.

Interestingly, Niue only has a four-day week from Monday to Thursday for all working people, perhaps even unique in the world. Most shops, with the exception of just three restaurants, close at 4 p.m. on the four days of the week.

In retrospect, my five days on the island of Niue are certainly one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire trip around the globe. Anyone who has planned a holiday trip to New Zealand in the future should definitely plan a trip to Niue.