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The Northern Mariana Islands are part of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean with around 60,000 inhabitants. The territory of the Northern Mariana Islands consists of a total of 14 islands, which form a foreign political territory of the United States of America. They are located around 200 kilometers north of Guam and south of Japan.

The Northern Mariana Islands include the three southern islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota as well as 11 other uninhabited smaller islands. These 11 islands in the northern part were completely evacuated in 1990 due to the threat of volcanic eruptions.

The country's three official languages are English, Carolinian and Chamorro, and the US dollar is used as payment.

The economy of the Northern Mariana Islands is based primarily on tourism and the textile industry. Around half of the entire island population works in the textile industry and produces for renowned brands such as Levi Strauss & Co., Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, among others.

The largest island with the capital of the same name is Saipan, with around 50,000 inhabitants. Saipan, with an area of around 20 by 10 kilometers, is the political, economic and cultural center of the country.

The highest peak in Saipan is the 474 meter high Tapochao volcano.

The most important attractions in the Northern Mariana Islands include the sea cave "The Grotto", the Micro Beach, the Suicide Cliff, the Bird Island, the Lau Lau Beach, the Post Park - the last Japanese command post during World War II, Atomic Bomb Pits - the historic site from which the atomic bomb was launched on Hiroshima, Taga Beach, the Saipan Theater, the extinct volcano Mt. Tapochao, the paradisiacal Managaha Island, the former battlefield of Puntan Sabaneta, the American Memorial Park, Obyan Beach, Garapan Street Market and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral.

The largest and most important tourist town is Garapan on the west coast of the island of Saipan. In Garapan there are several tourist attractions as well as a promenade with all major hotels.

In January 2019 I visited the Northern Mariana Islands for the only time so far. As part of my big Pacific tour, the island of Saipan was the second stop.

Saipan is actually typically American, with a great Asian influence, but is always completely relaxing and pleasant. The majority of foreign tourists come from South Korea and Japan, which is why several huge hotel complexes have been built specifically for Asian guests. However, many Japanese hotels have had to close in recent years and now stand in dilapidated ruins on the coast. Because all direct flights from Japan were canceled some time ago, many Japanese were no longer willing to take the unpleasant detour via Guam.

Saipan is also an important place in history for Koreans and Japanese; countless monuments and memorials point to this. I was able to see this for myself thoroughly on my entire island tour for just $30. Visiting the last Japanese command post during the Second World War was very impressive. Another highlight of my tour was the descent to the sea cave “The Grotto”.

Scenically, Saipan is beautiful and offers several endless white sandy beaches. The island is very manageable in size and can be easily reached by car. The urban area offers several bars and mainly Korean restaurants as well as a large casino and countless massage shops run by Chinese guest workers. However, I hardly saw any Asian tourists on the streets in the evening; everyone seemed to have gone to bed early, as usual, after a tiring day.

The island of Saipan is a fantastic place to spend an extended stay. I really enjoyed the island and will definitely return one day. The next stop on my trip was Guam.