Visa and entry requirements Kiribati:
Passport required

German citizens need an Australian visa to enter Norfolk Island, which must be obtained before travel. A new online procedure (“eVisitor”) has been in effect for tourists from Germany since the end of October 2008.

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Kiribati:

Norfolk Island is an island in the Pacific with around 1,800 inhabitants. The island is politically part of Australia and is located north of New Zealand, around 1,450 kilometers east of Australia and south of New Caledonia.

In addition to the main island, Philip Island and Nepean Island also belong to the territory of Norfolk Island, although both are uninhabited.

The official languages of Norfolk are English and Norfuk, and the Australian dollar is used as currency. The largest towns on the island include Burnt Pine, Kingston and Cascade.

Norfolk Island is of volcanic origin and is mainly surrounded by steep, inaccessible cliffs. The highest point on the island is the 319 meter high Mount Bates. Norfolk has consistently mild temperatures all year round.

Almost half of the island's population consists of descendants of the mutineers on the legendary Bounty. There are only nine surnames common on the island, such as Christian or Adams, which are reminiscent of the most famous mutineers.

The main industries on Norfolk Island are agriculture and tourism. Agriculture largely involves growing fruit, vegetables and grain and keeping cattle and chickens.

The steadily increasing number of visitors in recent years has helped Norfolk Island achieve a certain level of prosperity. Attractions such as the Norfolk Island National Park, the bird reserve on Philip Island, the buildings of the former convict settlement in Kingston, the Saint Barnabas Chapel, the cemetery, the Captain Cook lookout with its monument, the beach in Emily Bay, Salt House Ruins, Bounty Exhibition at Cyclorama, Norfolk Island Museum, Historic Pitcairn Settlement, Kingston Promenade, National Park Botanical Gardens, Bloody Bridge, Local History Museum, Art Gallery, the Queen Victoria Garden, the Maritime Museum, the Art Gallery, the Crank Mill, the street markets, the ruins of the ancient arches as well as the unique island landscape, are major attractions for tourists.

The capital of Norfolk Island is Kingston, on the south coast of the island. Kingston is the historic center of the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a flight delay from Sydney to Brisbane in 2017, which caused me to miss my onward flight, I finally traveled to Norfolk Island in January 2019. This island, steeped in history, is not very big, but impresses as soon as you land with its huge, unique pine trees. These very pointed trees rise into the sky and are found in countless numbers on the island and are also the main component of the national flag of Norfolk Island.

The island's residents, who are mostly descendants of the mutineers of the famous Bounty, who were resettled from the Pitcairn Islands around 50 years ago with 194 people, seem like one big family and look after their tourists with a unique dedication. Every single visitor is picked up at the airport free of charge by the largest local travel company “Pinetree Tours” and taken to the various accommodations. In addition, everyone who arrives receives a free half-day island tour for the following morning. That's what I call a unique service and a rare friendly welcome.

After arriving at my super beautiful “Paradise Hotel”, not far from the largest town, Burnt Pine, I immediately made my way to the northern national park and the Captain Cook lookout. For this I used a so-called private Uber driver who showed me, in addition to the north, some other beautiful places on the island for just the equivalent of 20 euros. To be honest, I wouldn't have expected such a fascinating green island landscape and this impressive view from the Cook Monument.

Norfolk Island is a fantastic place, with the unique tranquility of nature, the pine trees that are almost unique in their size and the consistently friendly local people.

The next morning I took the island tour that was offered, so that I finally saw all the important highlights of this somewhat different Pacific island before I unfortunately had to leave it far too early.

Norfolk Island, only about 2.5 hours by plane from Australia's east coast, with the cities of Sydney and Brisbane, is an express travel recommendation from me. This small island is a place where you can only feel good and is definitely suitable for a longer stay. One day I will definitely come back again, but not just for two days.