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Rodrigues, or Rodriguez, is an island in the Indian Ocean with around 45,000 inhabitants. Rodrigues Island, measuring approximately 19 by 9 kilometers, is politically part of Mauritius and is located around 600 kilometers from the state's main island.

Rodrigues has consistently warm daytime temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius all year round.

The island in the Indian Ocean is of volcanic origin, with the highest point being the 398 meter high Mont Limon.

The 97% Catholic population speaks predominantly French or Creole, which is more of a French Creole.

The largest towns on Rodrigues Island include Port Mathurin, Oyster Bay, Petit Gabriel, Riviere Cocos, Lataniers, Port Sud-Est, La Ferme, Plaine Corail, Mangues and Piments.

The main economic sectors of Rodrigues are the export of squid, meat, tobacco and salted fish, and tourism.

Rodrigues is served twice daily by Air Mauritius from Port Louis. Island tourism is not yet very strong, but is developing steadily.

The most important sights on Rodrigues Island include the regional assembly building, the Francois Leguat giant tortoise and cave sanctuary, the neighboring Cocos Island, the central market of Port Mathurin, the worth seeing Saint Gabriel Church, the Cat Island, the Trou d'Argent beach , the zip line park, the botanical gardens, St. John's Church, Hermitage Island, the Grand Montagne National Park, the Suspension Bridge and other long white sandy beaches.

The capital and largest town on Rodrigues Island is Port Mathurin with around 7,000 inhabitants. The city is located on the north coast of the island and is the cultural center of the small island in the Indian Ocean.

In September 2018 I visited Rodrigues Island for the only time so far. After landing in the morning, I was very lucky to find one of the few taxi drivers on the island.

Since he happened to have to go to the other end of the island with two French guests, this was the best opportunity to go along. He then showed me the entire island with all the attractions for $50.

In the afternoon I explored the capital on foot, and the lively market activity was particularly exciting and interesting. Port Mathurin is generally a very pleasant and well-kept town that is great fun to walk around.

Towards the evening the taxi driver picked me up again in the capital and took me to the airport. From there we went back to Mauritius and the next day to the Seychelles.