Visa and entry requirements Solomon Islands:

Passport required

No visa is required

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to the Solomon Islands:

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean with around 650,000 inhabitants. The territory includes the larger islands of Santa Isabel, Makira, Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Choiseul and Malaita as well as almost 1,000 smaller and mostly uninhabited islands.

The Solomon Islands are geographically located east of the island of New Guinea and west of Vanuatu and the Fiji Islands.

The official language on the Solomon Islands is English and the Solomon Islands dollar is used as payment, with 1 euro equaling around 9 SBD.

The country's largest cities include Honiara, Tandai, Malango, Auki, Noro, Munda, Gizo and Kirakira.

The highest peak in the Solomon Islands is the 2,335 meter high Mount Popomanaseu on Guadalcanal Island. The archipelago is predominantly of volcanic origin with mostly forested mountain landscapes.

The Solomon Islands are one of the poorer countries on the oceanic continent, although the country has larger deposits of gold, silver, copper, phosphate, zinc, lead, cobalt and bauxite.

Other important economic sectors include agriculture, fishing and tourism. The main exports are copra, coconuts and various fishery products. Foreign visitors are mainly diving tourists and appreciate the island state's fish-rich diving areas.

The capital and by far the largest city in the Solomon Islands is Honiara with around 90,000 inhabitants. The port city is the political, economic and tourist center of the country. The international airport with the local Solomon Airlines has several connections to the neighboring islands.

The main attractions in the Solomon Islands include the Parliament Building, the Botanical Garden, the National Museum, the University, the diving area around the two wrecks Bonegi I and II, the Honiara Central Market, the diving area in the Marovo Lagoon, the Military Museum, the Solomon Islands Memorial Garden, St. Peter Cathedral on Ghizo Island, Local History Museum, Shark Point diving area, Tetepare Island with its white beaches, Kennedy Island, Tenaru Falls, Mbonege Beach, American War Memorial, the Kwaibala Waterfall, the Holy Cross Cathedral, St. Barnabas Cathedral, Skull Island and the Coastwatchers Memorial at Honiara Harbor.

In January 2017 I traveled to the Solomon Islands from Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed by seven hours, so my planned city tour of the historic city of Honiara had to be cancelled. That's why the Solomon Islands will be on my agenda again one day.

After a short stay, I continued on to Vanuatu.