Visa and entry requirements Seychelles:
Passport required
No visa is required

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Seychelles:

The Republic of Seychelles is an island nation off East Africa in the Indian Ocean with almost 100,000 inhabitants. The national territory consists of a total of 115 islands, 73 of which are smaller coral islands. The island groups are divided into the heavily populated Inner Islands and the poorly populated Outer Islands. The main island and largest island of the Seychelles is Mahe, with Praslin, Silhouette and La Digue also being other important islands.

The country's three official languages include English, French and Seychellois Creole. The Seychelles rupee is used as a means of payment, with 1 euro corresponding to around 15 SCR. The largest cities in the island state include Victoria, De Quincey, Anse Boileau, Beau Vallon, Anse Volbert, Anse Ombre, Cascade, Bel Ombre, Grand Anse and Anse Royale.

The Seychelles has a diverse range of wildlife, such as three species of giant tortoises with over 160,000 specimens, the Seychelles frogs and countless species of birds. Due to the prevailing monsoon climate, tropical fruits and spices thrive there under perfect conditions. The most important agricultural products include coconut palms - they provide copra, the main export of the Seychelles, bananas, sugar cane, oranges, eggplant, avocados, pineapples, papaya, mangoes, starfruit, passion fruit, lemons, breadfruit, cinnamon, lemongrass, vanilla, pepper, Guavas and nutmeg.

Tourism is the largest industry in Seychelles, generating around 751T3T of state income. Either through the international airport on Mahé or through the increasing number of cruise ships docking, the Seychelles are becoming increasingly popular with tourists. In addition to the seven national parks, the main island of Mahe as well as the islands of Praslin and La Digue with their countless postcard-like long white sandy beaches are among the most popular tourist destinations.

The capital and by far the largest city in the Seychelles is Victoria with around 30,000 inhabitants. Victoria is located on the main island of Mahe, where around 92% of all the country's residents live. The city is the economic and political center of the island state, has an international airport and a seaport from where the most important exports are processed.

The city's major attractions include the Victoria Clock Tower, the Botanic Gardens, the Court House, Selwyn Market Square, the National Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Historic Cemetery, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Seat of Government, the Herbarium, the Spice Garden as well several inviting sandy beaches.

In September 2018 I visited the Seychelles for the first and only time, which was also my penultimate African country ever.

Originally I wanted to use the only weekly flight from Reunion Island to get to the Seychelles. But since my feeder the evening before from Madagascar to Reunion, with the same airline from the French overseas territory (I don't want to mention the name of the airline here because of the very bad experience), was canceled without replacement for completely unclear reasons, I had to think of something new at short notice . Due to my lack of French language skills, I was completely lost at the airport in the capital of Madagascar. Since I had not received any help from the airline or other responsible people in Antananarivo regarding my flight cancellation, I quickly booked a flight with “Kenya Airways” via Nairobi to the Seychelles for the next morning.

My stay, which was shortened by one day, was mainly limited to the main island of Mahe. The island impresses with its well-functioning bus system, where you can travel any route for just the equivalent of half a euro. On the other hand, taking a taxi in the Seychelles is incredibly expensive.

The capital, Victoria, seemed very quiet and pleasant; I was actually able to walk around the entire city in two to three hours. I ended my Victoria Day with a delicious meal at “Coco Blu”, a cozy restaurant with a terrace in the city center right next to the bell tower.

The highlight of the Seychelles are of course the numerous postcard-like long white sandy beaches. These paradisiacal and breathtaking beaches offer an impressive backdrop for countless photo opportunities.

The Seychelles are a fantastic travel destination and come pretty close to a holiday paradise, but they aren't exactly cheap either.

One day I will come back, but then definitely not alone.