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Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Singapore:

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia with a population of approximately 5.8 million. The island state of Singapore is the smallest country on the continent in terms of area and one of the richest countries in the world, with the highest cost of living in the world.

The country's four official languages are Tamil, Malay, Chinese and English. The Singapore dollar is used as the national currency, with 1 euro corresponding to around 1.50 SGD.

The island state of Singapore consists of a main island, three slightly larger ones, including the island of Sentosa, and an additional 58 smaller islands. The state borders Malaysia to the north and east and Indonesia to the south, separated only by the Singapore Strait.

Singapore's population consists of 77% Chinese, 14% Malays and 8% Indians. The life expectancy of its residents is one of the highest in the world.

The largest peak in the city state is the mountain “Bukit Timah Hill”, which is 164 meters high. There is a tropical, humid climate there, with warm temperatures all year round.

The state of Singapore is world-famous for its high fines for comparatively minor offenses, such as chewing gum, throwing garbage or cigarette butts on the street, or smoking in public buildings.

Despite its small area, Singapore is one of the largest export countries in the world. The port is one of the world's most important container transshipment points. The city-state, together with Hong Kong, is the most important financial center in Asia and one of the largest tax havens in the world. Singapore is one of the most visited cities in the world with almost 13 million tourists every year. The residents are among the wealthiest people on earth.

Some of Singapore's top attractions include Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Ferris Wheel, Gardens by the Bay with Super Trees, Esplanade Concert Hall, Parliament, Chinatown, Thomas Raffles Statue, Chinese Church, Orchard Road, the Fat Bird Sculpture, Masjid Sultan Mosque in Arab Quarter, Hindu Temple Grounds, Armenian Church, Saint Andrew Cathedral, Raffles Hotel, Singapore Harbor, Skyline, Indian Quarter, Singapore -River, the Victoria Theater, the Sentosa excursion island, the National Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Singapore Zoo, the Japanese Garden, the Merlion - the city's landmark, the Mount Faber viewpoint, Changi Beach, the National Orchid Garden, the Military museum and the Reichturm fountain.

In May 2018 I visited Singapore for the second time, after an absence of almost 20 years. I landed from West Papua with the Indonesian airline “Garuda Indonesia”. The fascinating Changi Airport in Singapore alone amazed me a lot and is therefore one of the most beautiful airports in the world for me.

The city of Singapore is simply amazing and, thanks to the limited car traffic, it is perfect for every tourist. There is probably no other major city in the world where visitors can explore all the sights so comfortably. However, the city is not exactly cheap and you should be prepared accordingly.

During my two full days in the unique city-state, I walked through what felt like the entire center in a completely relaxed and comfortable manner, and then took the bus to everything again. The easiest way to explore the city is the double-decker tourist bus, which offers a total of seven different routes and covers almost every corner of Singapore.

During this eventful three-day stay, the visit to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and its gardens was the absolute highlight of my trip.

Singapore is a fantastic travel destination and is suitable for a multi-day visit at any time of the year due to its variety of attractions.