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Socotra, also known as Socotra or Sukutra, is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with around 50,000 inhabitants. The archipelago includes the islands of Socotra, Samha, Abd al-Kuri, Darsa and two rocky cliffs; it has been politically controlled by the United Arab Emirates since April 2018. Originally, the island has been officially part of the Republic of Yemen since the reunification of North Yemen with South Yemen in 1990.

Socotra is located around 350 kilometers south of Yemen and around 100 kilometers west of the coast of Somalia.

Socotri, a separate island language, is spoken on the archipelago.

The island of Socotra is also known as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean” because of its numerous endemic plant species.

The plants found there specifically include the dragon tree or dragon's blood tree - the symbol of Socotra, succulent trees, the Socotra pomegranate, tamarind trees and the well-known Dendrosicyos Socotranus.

The capital and largest town of Socotra is Hadibu with around 13,000 inhabitants. The city is located on the north coast of the main island of Socotra and has the most important port in the archipelago.

The most important sights of Socotra include the Wadi Dirhur Canyon, the Shoab Beach, the Homhil Nature Reserve, the Aomak Beach, the Ayhaft Canyon National Park, the Delisha Beach, the Diksam Plateau, the Arher Beach, the Hajhir Mountains with the "Skand Peak" , Qalansiyah Beach and the Dihamri Marine Nature Reserve.

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