South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are an archipelago in the southern Atlantic Ocean with no permanent residents, only a few seasonal government officials. The islands are a British overseas territory and are located around 1,380 kilometers from the Falkland Islands and almost 3,700 kilometers from the geographical South Pole.

South Georgia has an area of around 155 by 35 kilometers and is the northernmost part and largest territory of the archipelago. South Georgia also includes Cooper Island, Vogel Island, Annenkov Island, Welcome Island, the Willis Islands, the Pickersgrill Islands and the Black Rock, Shaq Rock and Clerke Rock.

South Georgia's landscape is primarily covered in ice and is home to nearly 170 glaciers. The highest peak is Mount Paget, 2,934 meters high.

South Georgia is one of the most important breeding grounds for king penguins in the world. Sea lions, elephant seals and other penguin species can also be found there.

The South Sandwich Islands archipelago consists of Saunders Island, Bristol Island, Montagu Island, the Candlemas Islands, the Traversay Islands and the South Thule Islands.

The South Sandwich Islands are partly volcanic in origin, with volcanoes still active today.

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