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Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Tonga:

Tonga is a kingdom in the Pacific Ocean with a population of around 110,000. The island state consists of a total of 178 islands or atolls, of which only 35 are inhabited.

The territory of Tonga is located in the north of New Zealand, in the east of Fiji and in the south of Samoa. The archipelago is therefore in an extremely vulnerable area for earthquakes and cyclones, which have occurred there more frequently in recent years.

The country's two official languages are English and Tongan, and the Tongan Pa'anga is used as the national currency on the archipelago; 1 euro corresponds to around 2.60 TOP.

The largest cities in Tonga include Nuku'alofa, Neiafu, Mu'a, Haveloloto, Vaini, Tofoa-Koloua, Nihifo and Pea.

The majority of all islands in Tonga are of volcanic origin, with the highest elevation on Kao Island at 1,031 meters.

The predominantly Polynesian population of Tonga is mainly Christian.

Tonga's national sport is rugby, where the team regularly qualifies for the World Championships.

Tonga's economy is based primarily on the export of vanilla, bananas, copra, various tropical fruits and handicraft products, as well as low tourism.

The capital and largest city of Tonga is Nuku'alofa with around 35,000 inhabitants. The city is located in the north of Tongatapu Island, the largest and most populous island in the country.

Nuku'alofa is the political, economic and tourist center of the island state, has a large industrial port and an international airport.

Tonga's attractions include the Royal Palace, the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, the Centenary Church, the Royal Tombs, the Railway Road, the Vuna Shipyard, the Farmers' Market, the Free Church of Tonga, Ha'atafu Beach, the Botanical Gardens, the natural spectacle of the Blowholes, Anahulu Cave, St. Joseph's Cathedral, the Tourist Center, the Cultural Center, the Natural Land Bridge, Robinson Island, St. Mary's Cathedral, Captain Cook's Landing Site, the Flea Market as well the Old Gate made of coral blocks.

In January 2019 I traveled to the Kingdom of Tonga for the only time so far. As part of my big Pacific tour, I visited the most important island of Tongatapu for two days and stayed in a small family guesthouse.

From the airport, I got to the Olini Lodge with a super nice taxi driver, where the entire family welcomed me with great friendliness. During the 30-minute journey to the accommodation, I agreed with the taxi driver to take a complete tour of the island in the afternoon for an affordable $60.

The consistently green landscape of Tonga consists of countless coconut palms and many other tropical trees, lush, extensive meadows and enormous agricultural areas. The country's population is practically self-sufficient, as can be seen from the many stalls on the side of the road or in various markets.

The Kingdom of Tonga is somehow unique and different from all other Pacific nations. Nowhere in my travels before had I seen more pigs running around than stray dogs. The many dogs in particular cause enormous problems on the neighboring Pacific islands, but Tonga is spared from this.

The people of Tonga are extremely friendly and accommodating; it is almost unique in the world how foreign tourists are treated there. The great reverence and love among the local people was also shown by the incredible number of places of remembrance. In no other country in the world have I ever seen anywhere near as numerous memorial sites, cemeteries or graves as in Tonga.

The island state has an enormous number of highlights to offer, which I was able to see for myself on my tour. The long stretch of coast with the impressive “Blowing Holes” is one of the most spectacular attractions in the entire Pacific region. The natural land bridge and the “Old Gate” are also other impressive excursion destinations.

Tonga, the only Pacific state that has never been historically dependent on another country, appeared mostly modern, always very clean and well-kept. The state offers great scenery, an exceptional atmosphere and guarantees an unforgettable stay. As a holiday destination, the kingdom is always worth a visit and I highly recommend it.

After this fantastic time in Tonga, I went back to Fiji and on to Tuvalu the morning after.