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Wake, also known as Wake Island, is an atoll in the Pacific Ocean with around 180 inhabitants. The atoll consists of three areas: Wake Island, Peale Island and Wilkes Island.

Wake is located geographically north of the Marshall Islands, between the Northern Mariana Islands and Hawaii and is politically part of the external territory of the United States of America.

Wake's three coral islands are arranged in a V-shape and consist of a land area and a lagoon.

On Wake there is an airfield, which is now only used for military purposes or for international emergency landings, as well as a hotel from earlier times.

Wake Island has also been used for missile testing and other military experiments for many years.

There is no tourism on Wake because the territory is very difficult to reach due to its remoteness.

I haven't been to Wake yet.

A visit there is not planned.

Hence no photos!