Visa and entry requirements Albania:
Passport not required
Germans do not need a visa for a tourist stay of up to 90 days.

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Albania:

I visited Albania for the first time in August 2012. We took the bus from Podgorica/Montenegro to Tirana in Albania. There were no further problems when crossing the border, the customs officers were very friendly and everything was handled quickly. The minibus only cost the equivalent of 8 euros, but it was also hopelessly overcrowded. Accordingly, the approximately 4-hour journey was not that pleasant because I was squished in my seat like a sardine.

I immediately notice the beautiful landscape. This country is very mountainous and has a striking amount of agriculture. Albania is known for the export of medicinal plants, among others. Sage, gentian and rosemary.

Approximately 2.8 million people live in Albania, including residents from different backgrounds and minorities. After about 82 % Albanians come Greeks, Macedonians, Roma, Bosniaks and Serbs. The largest cities in Albania, apart from Tirana, are Durres, Berat, Shkodra, Vlora, Korca and Saranda.

Finally arrived in Tirana, after a short walk I checked into my hotel and, after putting my suitcase down, went straight to the beautiful city center. All of the newly modernized government buildings, decorated in the colors yellow and red, are located in the city center and are definitely worth taking lots of beautiful photos.

Tirana now has around 630,000 inhabitants and the capital has some very interesting sights. The city's landmark is the equestrian statue in honor of Skanderbegs and stands on the square of the same name. Also of great importance and seen as a landmark is the clock tower from 1830 with a height of 35 meters right next to it. You can also visit the Kapllan Pasha Door, the Kokonozi Mosque and Sheikh Dyrri Tekke from the Ottoman cultural heritage.

In between I exchanged a few Albanian leks so that I could pay for my dinner later in the restaurant. The exchange rate is 1 euro equal to 134 lek.

Basically, this country in southeastern Europe is very pleasant, even if the locals look at you a bit strangely on the local bus. I haven't seen that many tourists in the capital either, so that's kind of understandable.

All in all, summer is the best time to visit this country and is definitely always worth a visit.