Visa and entry requirements Bahrain:
Passport required
Upon entry, German citizens receive an entry visa for a stay of up to 14 days.
Visa costs. 15 euro

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Bahrain:

Bahrain is a kingdom in the Middle East with around 1.6 million inhabitants. The island state in the Persian Gulf, which consists of 32 islands, borders the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the west and the island state of Qatar to the east, at a distance of around 40 kilometers.

The official language of the country is Arabic and the national currency is the Bahraini dinar, where 10 euros corresponds to around 4 BHD.

The largest cities in Bahrain include Manama, Ar-Rifa Al-Gharbi, Al-Muharraq, Madinat Hamad, A'ali, Sitra, Jidhafs, Al-Budayyi and Madinat Isa.

Bahrain is a wealthy state and consists mostly of a vast desert area with few plants or native creatures.

The main island of the same name is connected to the Saudi Arabian mainland by a 25-kilometer-long bridge.

Bahrain's economy is based primarily on the export of oil and natural gas, aluminum exports, small agriculture, shipbuilding and tourism, mainly from neighboring Saudi Arabia.

In agriculture, vegetables and dates are mainly grown and sheep, goats, chickens and cattle are raised.

The capital and by far the largest city in Bahrain is Manama with around 320,000 inhabitants. The city is located in the north of the main island and is the political and, with its free port and many bank buildings, also the economic center of the kingdom.

The most important sights in Bahrain include the Royal Tombs of Al-A'ali, the numerous historical burial sites, the Arad Fort, the Barbarian Temple, the Old City of Muharraq, the Sar Temple, the Tree of Life, the Bahrain International Circuit, the Diraz Temple, the Janabiyya Camel Farm, the Al-Areen Wildlife Park as well as the Wind Towers, the Bahrain Gate, the Al-Fatih Mosque, the Coin Museum, the Al-Khamis Mosque, the National Museum, the Quran Museum, Heritage Center, Bahrain World Trade Center, Lagoon Park, Reef Island, Islamic Center, Gold City, Theater, Art Gallery, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House and Oriental Bab El-Bahrain market in Manama.

So far I have traveled to Bahrain twice, for my only Formula 1 race in 2007 and for a five-day working stay in Manama in December 2017.

While I was in a hurry the first time in Manama and actually only drove through the city from the airport to reach the somewhat remote race track, that was to change the second time.

Fortunately, because my start to work was delayed by two days, I had enough time to explore the capital extensively this time.

There are several interesting buildings in Manama, whose architecture is almost unique in the world. The city is also full of cultural attractions and has, by Arab standards, a fairly vibrant nightlife.

The very special weekend tourism is now firmly in Saudi Arabian hands and offers its numerous neighbors pretty much everything that is not permitted over there. So punctually every Thursday evening after the working week, the endless caravan of cars piles up at the King Fahd Bridge border crossing to immerse themselves in the lavish nightlife with alcohol and prostitution in the relatively open Bahrain.

Bahrain's existing oil wealth will certainly ensure that the capital Manama will always remain exciting in the future and, with other unusual and luxurious buildings, is always worth a new visit.