Visa and entry requirements Iran:
Passport required
German citizens have the option of applying for a tourist entry visa of up to 90 days when entering the country via an international airport.
Visa costs: 40-80 euros

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Iran:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in the Middle East with around 82 million inhabitants. The country borders on Iraq in the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey in the northwest, the Caspian Sea - the largest lake in the world - in the north, Turkmenistan in the northeast, Afghanistan in the east and Pakistan in the southeast.

The official language of the country is Persian and the Iranian rial is used as currency, with 1 euro equaling around 45 IRR.

The largest cities in Iran include Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Karaj, Ahvaz, Qom, Kemanshah and Umia.

Iran's territory is predominantly mountainous, with the 5,670 meter high Damavand volcano as the country's highest peak.

The country's rich wildlife includes brown bears, leopards, cheetahs, gazelles, lynxes, hyenas, deer, jackals, porcupines, donkeys, falcons, foxes, pheasants, eagles and vultures.

Iran is now the country with the most death penalties in the world. According to the law, death sentences can be imposed for murder, prostitution, rape, blasphemy, homosexuality, drug trafficking or adultery. In addition to the death penalty, other rare punishments such as eye gouging, amputation of limbs and flogging are possible, depending on the offense.

The Republic of Iran has the most natural gas reserves in the world and the fourth largest oil reserves. There are also mineral resources such as coal, copper, lead, iron ore, bauxite and manganese on the national territory.

Other important economic sectors in the country are agriculture, cement production - Iran is one of the largest manufacturers in the world, steel production and the vehicle industry. Structured tourism is not yet present in the country, although Iran is home to the ruins of Persepolis, Imam's Square, Jameh Mosque, Vank Cathedral, Aali Qapu Castle, Khaju Bridge and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Isfahan, the pilgrimage site in Mashhad with the Imam Reza mausoleum, the natural wonder in the Chahkooh gorge in Qeshm, the Nasir al-Mulk mosque in Shiraz, the old town of Yazd, the Tabatabei house in Kashan, the Ali Sadr cave in Hamadan and the Persian Garden of Kerman, has numerous attractions to offer.

In agriculture, saffron, dates, pistachios, nuts, rice, cotton and wheat are mainly grown. Iran is one of the world's largest exporters of raisins and saffron.

The capital and by far the largest city in Iran is Tehran with around 10 million inhabitants in the urban area and over 20 million in the metropolitan area. Tehran, located in the north of the country, is the country's political, economic and cultural center.

The main attractions of Tehran include the Azadi Freedom Tower, the National Museum, the Golestan Palace, the Carpet Museum, the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, the 435-meter-high Milad Tower, the Jewel Museum, the Niavaran Palace Complex, the rock garden, the ski resort on Mount Tochal, the Tajrish Bazaar and the Sadabaad Palace.

In October 2012 I traveled to Iran for the only time so far. The destination of my three-day trip was exclusively the capital Tehran.

At that time there was horrendous traffic in Tehran; the entire city felt like a traffic jam. Due to this traffic situation, a tour of the city was relatively difficult and required a considerable amount of time. In addition, the tourist highlights of Tehran are not exactly close to each other.

After visiting the city's three major landmarks, the Azadi Freedom Tower, the Khomeini Mausoleum and the observation deck high up on the Milad television tower, my first day was very eventful.

I spent the second day mainly running and visiting several interesting oriental markets close to the hotel because I wanted to avoid the enormous traffic from the previous day.

The city of Tehran really has some cultural highlights to offer, but basically it is the grayest city I have ever visited. The relatively boring cityscape, without any advertising or various colorful signs, was pretty desolate.