The Ogasawara Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are politically part of Japan and are located about 980 kilometers southeast of mainland Japan.

The Ogasawara island chain includes the Bonin Islands, Rosario Island, Okinotorishima, the Volcanic Islands and Marcus Island.

The only inhabited territory is the Bonin Islands, also known as Ogasawara-gunto. Of the Bonin Islands, only two islands are populated, Chichi-jima and Haha-jima. Both islands together are home to around 3,000 inhabitants, while all other 37 islands in the Bonin island chain are uninhabited.

A total of around 2,500 people live on Chichi-jima, making it the most important island in the entire Ogasawara archipelago.

The islanders live mainly from agriculture and from the export of valuable precious woods, such as sandalwood, rosewood, beech wood, cedar wood or boxwood.

Domestic agriculture mainly grows pineapples, bananas, sugar cane and coffee.

The highest point on the main island of Chichi-jima is the 318 meter high mountain “Chuo-zan”.

The island of Chichi-jima is served twice a week by ferry from Tokyo, with a crossing taking approximately 24 hours. Small Japanese cruise ships also call at the island every now and then.

The few attractions of Chichi-jima include the Futami-kö Natural Harbor, the Ogasawara Island City Hall, Tobiuo Pier, the Ogasawara Ocean Center, Kominato Beach, the Mikadukiyama Mountain Observation Deck, the Whal Monument, the Red Lighthouse and the Mae Beach.

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