Visa and entry requirements for Palestine:
Passport required
No visa is required
In principle, German citizens can travel from Israel to Palestine without any problems, provided the opening times of the crossings are observed.

Information from the Foreign Office about your trip to Palestine:

Palestine is an autonomous and not fully internationally recognized state in the Middle East with around 5.2 million inhabitants. The country consists of the West Bank, also known as the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

Palestine borders Egypt in the west with the Gaza Strip, Jordan and the Dead Sea in the east, the Mediterranean in the north and is largely surrounded by Israel.

The official language of Palestine is Arabic and the Israeli shekel and the Jordanian dinar are used as means of payment, as the disputed state does not have its own currency.

The country's largest cities include Gaza, East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Khan Yunis, Rafah, Jabaliya, Hebron, Jericho and Nablus. The majority of the population professes the Muslim faith.

The land area of Palestine is predominantly hilly and consists of a coastal plain, the Jordan Valley and the mountains with a plateau.

The economy of Palestine is based primarily on the production of olive oil; almost 12 million olive trees grow on the land. Leather goods, textiles and ceramic products are also produced. Tourism is very low due to the tense political situation in Israel.

The most significant sights in Palestine include the Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the city walls of Jericho, the Al-Nasr Mosque in Beit Hanoun, the remains of the city of Samaria, Mount Tabor, the Basilica of the Holy Mother of God in Bethlehem, the Christian city Beit Jala with the St. Nicholas Church, the Well of Mary, the shepherds' fields and the cistern in Beit Sahur, the Freedom Theater in Jenin, the seaport of Gaza City, Hebron - one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Jericho not far from the dead Sea - the lowest city in the world at 250 meters below sea level, the city of Nablus, the Lighthouse Square, the Darvish Cultural Palace, the Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque and the Lion Monument of Ramallah, the Old City, the Milk Grotto, the Manger Square , Star Street, Graffiti Paintings, Jacir Palace Hotel, Omar Mosque, King David's Fountain, King David's Church, St. Catherine's Church and Al-Madbassah Square of Bethlehem, as well as the Abraham Square Mosque and the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron.

Palestine does not have an official capital, the unrecognized capital would be East Jerusalem. The seat of government will be the city of Gaza for the Gaza Strip and Ramallah for the West Bank.

The largest city in Palestine is Gaza with around 700,000 inhabitants in the urban area and almost 1.6 million in the metropolitan area. The administrative headquarters and largest seaport in Palestine is located in the port city on the Mediterranean.

In February 2013 I visited the autonomous territory of Palestine for a few hours. Due to the political tensions with Israel and the constantly changing closing times of the border posts, a longer stay there is associated with considerable difficulties.

I took the public bus from Jerusalem early in the morning to the border facilities. After passing through both highly secured border posts, several taxis were waiting for their customers on the Palestinian side. I then chose the only English-speaking taxi driver for a four-hour city tour of Bethlehem.

Visiting the Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ and attending a mass that was taking place was of course the absolute highlight of the day. Bethlehem is a very pleasant and quiet city, with many historical attractions.

The endless graffiti paintings along the meter-high walls of Israel were impressive and oppressive at the same time. Because I was born near Berlin, in eastern Germany, I felt for all the people of Palestine in this situation.

After a delicious lunch, the taxi driver took me back to the border in the afternoon, where I continued my journey by bus towards Tel Aviv.